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December 24, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Digital Camera Magazine Hot Shots

Starry Night has been published in the 'Hot Shots' section of this month's Digital Camera. This is the first time I've been published in the magazine and I think it's a pretty cool coincidence that my image happened to be featured alongside those from a couple of photographer friends whose work I really admire! The text reads as follows:

"This is an image I had in mind for about a year before finally getting the conditions and time necessary to give it a shot. I opened the shutter in Bulb mode, 'painted' the windmill with a powerful hand torch, fired an external flash into the foreground on 1/64 power, legged it up to the mill, fired two flash bursts into the ceiling on 1/8 power, searched for the red light of my camera so I could find my way back to it, then closed the shutter. Back home I reduced the noise, converted it to mono and gave the shot a gentle blue tint."


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