Wendy Phillips (Warwickshire, UK)

"Adam's images are stunning and evocative. I have given canvases as special presents to my family, and the quality and customer service have been excellent. Now, I have treated myself to some prints for my consulting room, and I am delighted with them. As always, Adam has been really helpful and attentive throughout the process."


Ashlee DiGiovanni (Piedmont, Italy)

"I purchased some prints and hung them amongst the other fine art prints in my hallway. Well these are the most stunning quality images I have ever seen printed, the clarity and detail are superb and the quality is second to none and without compromise, as was the customer service. Now the rest of my fine art prints look like cheap posters and these beauties get all the attention!"


Lindsay Poole (Warwickshire, UK)

"I bought some of Adam’s photos for my husband last Christmas and he was delighted with them. The quality of them is excellent and they are a beautiful adornment to our hall walls. Adam was very attentive whilst they were on order as there was a delay, due to the snow, in them being delivered to me. He kept me informed all the time about when they would arrive, which was very good customer service."


Rachel Cooper (Devon, UK)

"I would just like to say that I was having difficulty deciding which paper to choose for my prints and Adam offered me great advice on which were best suited to the images on my order. Fantastic service and end result!"


Kiryl Zinkovich (Fife, UK)

"I saw the birth of Adam’s photography whilst studying with him at the University of St. Andrews. Adam's images have twice been at the core of art exhibitions organized by myself and other members of student bodies of the university. His prints were especially popular at the art auction of the ‘Feel Good’ event, where they helped generate over £500 for the Japan Relief & Recovery effort following the tsunami in March 2011. All in all, the quality of pictures, as well as Adam’s attention to every last detail in his prints is what does it for me."