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Road through misty autumn treesMisty winter woods, PerthshireEast Sands sunrise, St AndrewsFalls of DochartNorth Sea sunrise from AnstrutherStream through a field in PerthshireSunrise on East Sands beach, St AndrewsWest Sands, St AndrewsSt Andrews castle sunriseWaves crashing against rocksRoad through misty treesNorth Sea sunrise from AnstrutherEast Sands sunset, St AndrewsWest Sands, St AndrewsWest Sands sunset, St AndrewsRainbow over the North Sea from East Sands beach in St AndrewsSunrise mists in a Scottish glenEilean Donan CastleRape field in springFife Coastal Trail - a lone rock in the North Sea at sunrise